Russian Cellist: Shen Yun Is Like a Musical Lecture

March 17, 2017

“Today, I am feeling very high because I listened to so interesting, beautiful and typical traditional Chinese music.” 


“There are different kinds of instruments, including erhu and drums, etc. The voice of the singers, including the soprano, is very attractive and beautiful. The quality of the orchestra is very high, as every musician’s level is very high.”


“I felt like going back to the time of 5,000 years ago, and it (the Shen Yun show) was like a musical lecture that let me know more about the lost civilization.”


“If I have the opportunity, I will come back again to know more about the Chinese history. It is really a pity that this civilization has been lost.”


“This performance is very useful because through the dances and music, you can remember more than you just read books…So, I am very happy that I can see this show today.”


“I think it is a great idea to create Shen Yun Performing Arts to show the lost Chinese civilization through the dances and live music. It is like a musical lecture, with beautiful decorations and historically authentic costumes. It’s very useful and attractive.”


“I feel the whole group is working very hard, and has excellent results. Thank you very much for this performance. I enjoy it very much. If I have the opportunity, I will see Shen Yun’s performance again. And it will remain in my memory forever. Thank you very much.” 

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