Retired Royal Air Force Engineer: ‘It was so emotional’

May 17, 2018

“There are no words. Absolutely amazing from the start to the finish!”

“It was a pure art and they were … it’s so difficult [to describe] because it’s so good. I’m not a religious guy but it could almost convert me. It was amazing.”

“The beauty of it … The opera singer, the lady playing that two-stringed instrument, all of it, it was so emotional, unbelievable.”

“Their expressions that they portray, the feelings they portray, their skills … it’s a serious experience.”

“Absolute amazing talent. They were going so high they should have been connected with wires. I couldn’t believe they were going so high, jumping so high, when they were dancing.”

“And the acting, when they are playing out scenes … absolutely fantastic. They didn’t need to say anything, you could see the story.”

“I’ve never seen scenery like that in my life, where the dancers disappear into the scenery and fly off up into the sky. Wow! Who invented that!?”

“I’d just recommend everybody when they see Shen Yun, go! Please go, go and see it.”

“[From now on] every time I see that there’s Shen Yun, I’m going!”