Retired Pastor Enjoys the Spirituality of Shen Yun

April 22, 2018

“It was absolutely breathtaking — it really was. The music, particularly the coordination, and the colors, just wonderful! Just wonderful indeed. We should come back again.”

“I liked the gracefulness of the women and the strength of the men. That was really neat. I was amazed by [the coordination], how the [dancers’] arms were up at the same height and the same direction, just amazing.”

“It was fun to hear the Chinese spoken, particularly with the people who narrated, the hosts, because Chinese is such a melodic language.”

“Shen Yun [has] been re-capturing [the traditional] part of who the Chinese people are.”

“[I enjoyed the spirituality], very much so, … particularly the last part of the second [half] was very strong with that spiritual connection, [with] the pain or the anguish that people have in terms of the communist rule, which is just so contrary to Asian and Chinese culture for five millennia.”

“It certainly is inspiring. … Here in America, we don’t get that kind of expression of Chinese culture.”

“Yes, [I felt the energy on stage], very much so. … [There was] a deep sense of spiritual self, that particularly when things don’t go well, … people [still] have this ability to dance, and this ability to see beyond and transform.”

“I know that that is a part of all religions, the part of what religion is supposed to be for and what it does.”