Retired Minister, Professor Praises ‘Beautiful Expression’ in Shen Yun

January 1, 2018

“I thought it was great … Recovery of Chinese civilization in the face of communist takeover and it’s interesting to see how it’s come together here in the United States and kind of the history of [the Chinese] civilization and all that is going against it right here at the present time. So it’s good to see [Shen Yun is] coming on top in this struggle.”

“Beautiful music, beautiful. And also the instruments, I had never seen those instruments before. [The erhu was] like a human voice.”

“I think that the struggle against tyranny, the struggle against oppression, and that the human spirit will not tolerate that kind of oppression and will come out on top in beautiful kinds of expression [stood out]. And the dance and the sleeves—my goodness—the things that they could do with their sleeves, and make those handkerchiefs twirl in the air—such talent … It was really very, very amazing and comforting to see.”

“It’s good to see that the human spirit is alive and well and it’s expressed in so many different ways and we get to see the best of the Chinese civilization here and it’s been a great experience.”