Retired Entrepreneur Struck by Shen Yun’s Precision

April 28, 2018

“It was fantastic.”

“It would be so difficult to separate any one [dance piece], but the thing that really impressed me … was the precision of the choreography. If there were 14 performers on the stage, it appeared as if there was one [performer] and 13 mirrors. It was an amazing experience.”

“[The music] was unbelievable.”

“The precision of the photography [digital backdrops] and the individuals on the stage, and how it all came together was remarkable. I highly recommend it.”

“I thought the two [emcees] who announced each [vignette] were really nice so you knew what to expect, and you could follow.”

“I would highly recommend [Shen Yun] to family and friends, and I look forward in the future to other performances.”