Retired Company Owner Says Returning to Heaven Is Not a Dream After Shen Yun

February 22, 2017

“The performance gives me a boost of confidence—a return to Heaven is possible if only one could find the goodness within.”


“The performance is talking about morality. What is moral value? What is virtue? Morality is our spiritual nature. And virtue is about how we, as human beings, should do certain meaningful things, and elevate ourselves.”


“It is about how we should return to heaven. Because I kept hearing about the words “Heaven’s gate” during the performance. Then what is this gate? It is the gate within all of us, which is opening up our goodness within. This is the true Heaven’s gate.”


“It is about finding the truth about life, and what is the truth? Truth is our spiritual nature, embracing the goodness within. We should give up everything in this material world and return to Heaven? And how can we do that? Through morality one can return to heaven; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to go back.”