Retired Chief in the U.S. Navy Excited to Bring His Children to Shen Yun

April 30, 2017

“I have been all around the world. I was stationed in Japan. I was stationed in Germany. Overseas. I have seen the world. … When I found about this show, it was important for me to bring my daughters. I really wanted to treat them to something because they are so young, and to bring them this culture into their lifestyle. … So this was important.” 

“The culture was outstanding. For me, the presentation is everything. For young children, I was worried whether it would hold [their attention]. But every scene they talked about the costumes, the colors, the synchronicity, [and] how everything was so perfect.” 

“In the military, we trained and trained to where things are second nature, and that is what I saw here. A group of people who are so well versed in their profession [that] it was second nature.” 

“The choreography and everything was just seamless. To me, that was beautiful. I can really appreciate it. For the children, the costumes, the colors, just the spirit of the show really is appeasing to them.”

“I see that (spiritual aspect of Chinese culture) no matter what — good versus evil; a higher power is called upon. When things were low, and when the dark clouds come in, when they all got together, you hope for a higher powerful to intervene. So that was a common theme throughout the whole [performance]. It was nice. … I want them (children) to see something like this.”