Retired Banking CCO: Shen Yun’s Music Is Beautiful

January 28, 2018

“Very much. The two-string [erhu] because I am a former viola player. So I played in an orchestra for years. So it was great to hear that two-string. I have never heard that.”

“The choreography, the synchronization was off-the-chart. It was quite impressive.”

“Music was beautiful … the soprano—incredible, great voice. Very powerful … I have been around a lot of singers in my life, because I played classical music for years, and I got to play with some great sopranos in the years.”

“It is inspiring. The history of the Chinese people, and what they have to go through over the years.”

“I really got into the synchronization, that was my big take away, really. With that many people on the stage to do it all just perfectly. So it was great.”