Restaurant Owner: Shen Yun Is ‘Really Breathtaking’

February 24, 2018

“It was wonderful—it was a lot of fun. Their performers did an excellent job! it was just really breathtaking, what they can do on stage. They probably make it look easy but I know there is a lot of training, a lot of hard work that goes into what they do … how much work goes into making it look easy.”

“The children really got a lot out of seeing the performers do different routines that they wouldn’t normally see. My daughter is in gymnastics, so she really enjoys the tumbling and the flips and all that so she really liked it. It is good for them to see other cultures and things that they may not get to see on a regular basis because in America. It is all about a melting pot, so getting to see other cultures and what they do to give them an appreciation for the arts.”

“Just the beauty and the grace they showed is something that everybody that attends would really appreciate. I think that anybody that would attend would have a good time.”