Renowned Marketing Expert Connects With Erhu Music in Shen Yun

January 21, 2017

“I absolutely loved it. … I’ve been wanting to come for years. It’s super, super special.”


“The dancers. I was deeply moved by their depth of dedication to their craft. They are obviously absolute masters [who have] dedicated their life to being athletes with beautiful movements.” 


“I thought, ‘Wow! Music and dance is the original storytelling. … ‘It transcends language, and race, and country, and culture.’ It’s just beautiful to be able to witness the emotions and the connection with the music. … I found myself laughing one moment and crying the next. [I was] really, really touched and inspired.”


“The sound [of the erhu] stirs something in my soul. I could feel my cells resonating with the vibration of the instrument. It’s so ancient, yet timeless,  connecting with something on a very deep level.”