Realtor Finds True Beauty in Shen Yun

January 7, 2018

“[Shen Yun] is culturally fascinating. I loved [how Shen Yun portrayed] the different periods of history, detailing the different dynasties and people that ruled China for the last few thousand years. This is something I don’t think most people know about. And certainly I don’t. [The performances are] a reflection of each dynasty and period of history. I enjoyed that very much.”

“Each segment of the show had different messages and different meanings. I thought that was particularly interesting and it all led up to devotion to other people and the kindness that we should be showing other people and the kindness that we should be showing other people regardless of where they are in the world.”

“There [was a] life to the color that was brought to the stage. The love for the colors, the brilliance, the depth, the magnificence. I have never seen combinations of colors that were just so loving and compelling.”

“True beauty is not judging. Not to judge. No matter who we are, what we wear, what colors we choose to wear, we should never be judged. That is the message I get. We live in a sometimes monochromatic world. [Shen Yun] really brought out the brilliance and the differences in the world we typically see.”

“[Shen Yun] portrayed to me happiness, joy, and celebration of life. Life can be a celebration if you choose it to be. But it is your choice.”

“The spirituality [of Shen Yun] was very touching. It was very warm. The belief system was incredibly compelling for me. It really demonstrated the need for people to come together rather than be divided.”