‘Ranges of Expressions’ in Shen Yun’s Music, Says Flautist

March 5, 2017

“I thought they did a fantastic job of combining the two types of instruments [Chinese and Western]. In particular in keeping the Oriental tonality, which is different than the Western tonality.”

“The oriental scale is different, it’s called a pentatonic scale and it consists of 5 notes, the arrangement of how the notes are spaced is different than western tonality which is based on an 8 note scale and has a different sound to it. It was very interesting to hear the Western instruments in the Oriental pentatonic scale. … to get the oriental sound rather than just traditional western sounds.”

“I had no idea how much you could get out of the two string erhu. It’s really fascinating to see how much that two strings could do, the notes and it was just beautiful.”

“I thought it was very beautiful – I could hear all kinds of ranges of expressions. From very thoughtful and sad to the quicker parts which were very fun, happy and joyful. Just thoroughly enjoyed it.”