Public Health Director: ‘It had an incredible wow factor’

January 7, 2018

“I’ve wanted to see it for about six, seven years and finally we decided to come, and it was exactly what I expected. It had an incredible wow factor—the dancing, the precision, the costuming. I absolutely loved it!”

“The costumes and those sleeves [‘Tang Dynasty Grace’]—the use of the costuming to express the dance, it’s just wonderful.”

“[It made me feel] elated because of all those elements. It’s the design, it’s the incredible dancing ability, the technique, and then the background, the costuming. It’s all the elements; they just all fall in place.”

“I think the compassion does strike me. And the values that ancient China had is what would stand out for me, and it definitely comes across in the show. … A couple of the dances, a couple of the performances, it comes out for sure. ‘Devotion,’ the one where the lady waited 18 years for her husband to come back. That’s devotion.”

“I’m going to tell other people to come and see the show. It was well worth the wait, well worth the drive.”