Psychology Professor: Shen Yun, ‘The most stunning show’

February 8, 2017

“I don’t think any place we’ve been—and we’ve been fortunate in life to travel a lot places—have we seen such beauty in dance and movement; movement and music, the combination and the costumes, the movement, music, just beautiful.  You never see such positions, such positions of the body and such flow, so it was just enjoyable.”



“The precision of it, the way they do everything so precisely: the dance of the flowers, the lotus dance, the multi-colored skirts, the umbrellas dance and the dance of the yellow flowers, the precision of the dancers and the precision of the movements with all of those pieces they bring together and it’s just …”



“Intermission comes and you don’t know it’s time for intermission and you can’t wait for [intermission] to get over with.  It becomes a very exciting experience, but not just a kind of exciting that you are hopped up all the time. There is a real soothing element to it, a real flow, a real energy flow where you feel like you are connected to the universe and you have a real flow to everything.  It’s exciting but at the same time soothing and caring.  It’s a real experience. ”




“It’s a hidden culture.  I feel for me, Chinese people are people of the earth.  … And they show that … people of the earth through the performance of their arts as we saw tonight.  Just beautiful, just moving, it just grabs you, you know.  Makes you feel wonderful and connected, connected to the people, connected to the art, and connected to the music and connected to the dance.  You can’t see that anywhere.”



“It is probably the most stunning show you will ever see anywhere you go, anywhere.  Again, we’ve been many places in the world and I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as this, if you like performing arts.  We were in China and we couldn’t see it, so.  It’s just beautiful, it’s just stunning, and you’ve just got to see it.  If you don’t see it, you won’t believe it, you’ve got to come.”