Psychologist Says Shen Yun Shows Dancer’s Heart and Soul

April 22, 2017

“Outstanding. Spectacular. Magical.”

“Amazing talent! The synchronicity, the colours, the vibrants, the music, the acting, is incredible. Even though they’re dancing, they’re acting and they’re telling a story. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!”

“I’m impressed with the quality of skills and capability of each of the performers. And the way they embrace the performance. You see it on their face, not just on their bodies—the way they express it.”

“I got all emotional when I was watching it. I think they’re very brave to have done what they done. It’s not just entertainment. There’s heart and soul to what they doing and they touched me. The baby, and the oppression, and the fight for human rights. The fight for freedom and equality. … You can understand the impact of communism had on the communities.”