Professor Says Shen Yun Is an Amazing Experience

April 9, 2017

“I was impressed by the fact that the [Chinese] culture is so old, and they are finding a way to relate it to the modern time, in such a way that people that are young now would spend that amount of time, dedicate so much of their life to learning it, and to passing it on. I think it’s very important because so much history repeats itself. I think this is a good way to show people who are young now how things were in the past that we can learn from.” 

“The music is very soothing, even for people who bring in negative emotions. When they are hearing music like this, I think they would be very soothed by it.”

“The facial expressions of the dancers was something I was focusing on. It was wonderful to see their facial expressions. I can see that they are very good at acting and showing their emotions. It’s beautiful.” 

“I also like the colors. They are beautiful. Everything blended in. When the costume was green, the background was green and gorgeous as well. I can see that it is digital. But it looks extremely realistic.”

“It’s an amazing experience, and you need to come and see it. We have several friends that asked us last week, ‘Have you been [to Shen Yun] before? We said, ‘No, this is our first time.’ And they wanted us to tell them what the show is about after watching it. I’d tell them it’s amazing and they should come.”