Professor of Medicine on Shen Yun Music: ‘This music is a healer’

“It was greatly, greatly surprising. … They were capable to cover a broad historical spectrum of the Chinese culture, going back thousands of years, and coming up to our days of Communist Party [in China, in the scenes showing the ongoing suppression under the Communist Party in China].”

“So it is this capacity of bringing this variety of cultural directions, movements, spiritual values, artistic values of course , and of course some cultural … values—this is very impressive; how they are capable, in addition, to combine these beliefs, spirituality, using … technology [use of patented digital backdrops], bringing [characters] from the sky—and be capable to bring this very high aspect, spiritual aspect of this show.”

“The art of dancing, the choreography, are absolutely spectacular, [as well as] going throughout China and coming into central [plains], mountains. It is absolutely impressive.”

“It is a [multi-dimensional] show, with several, numerous aspects, coming together. … I’m a reader, I read a lot about the whole world and cultures. But still it’s really surprising how rich this Chinese culture is [shown in Shen Yun], its various aspects starting with the spiritual, ending on dancing or fighting in the war. Absolutely, absolutely beautiful.”

“This music is a healer. This is of course a placebo effect sometimes, but it has power [to have an] impact on patients’ healing. … This music also is lifting their feeling, bringing their suffering down to ground zero. It is absolutely, absolutely spectacular.”

“Of course the patient has to be a believer, [believe in the] effect of this musical healing. … If they’re believers, they will be healed.”

“We love it.”

Dr. Jerzy Sarosiek, professor of medicine, Texas Tech University
The Plaza Theatre, El Paso, Texas, United States
Shen Yun New York Company
March 4, 2018