Professor: ‘It’s beautiful, everything is beautiful’

February 26, 2018

“Everything [impressed me]—the music, the costume, the coordination, and the sequence of the story.”

“Clearly we could feel [the spirit of the performers] through the different performances that they have done.”

“It’s sad to hear that [the traditional culture has been lost in China]. It is good what you are doing here, because you are reviving the heritage and passing the message to others, and at the same time we learn and we entertain ourselves.”

“We are losing a lot of the things [in society]. I think some of the performance is about telling the audience that society is getting lost [but] then eventually the nice people get together and help each other, and that’s very nice.”

“It’s beautiful, everything is beautiful.”

“[The soprano] was really amazing, amazing voice, and having that translation on the top of it makes us understand what she is saying. It was beautiful, a beautiful meaning of it.”