Professor Impressed with Shen Yun’s Depiction of China’s Legends, History and Culture

February 7, 2018

June Maker:

“[Shen Yun] was absolutely beautiful. It’s really wonderful.”

“The other aspect that was so important to [feature] in this country or anywhere was the history and the culture of China, also making people aware of what happened with Communist China, how [China] changed as the result of Communism.”

“[I liked] the special effects of the performers looking like they were going up on the top of the mountain.”

“The [dancers] were totally amazing. [I really liked the] one with the sleeves, because of the versatility they have throwing the sleeves out and catching them, then twirling them around. The fans were good too.”

Randy East:

“I like the story of going back and learning from the ancients, and bringing them back to the current time. I thought that was very enlightening.”

“The finale was awesome.”