Professor Emeritus Finds Shen Yun Orchestra, ‘So Perfect’

May 6, 2018

“We loved the show. It was beautiful—so well choreographed.”

“The music was beautiful. The orchestra is great.”

“I thought that [the blend of Eastern and Western instruments] was very good, and I really enjoyed—the erhu. It was beautiful, and I was amazed how much tone and sound could come out of two strings. I can’t get that out of six strings.”

“[The orchestra are] wonderful. It almost didn’t sound like they were live, it was so good, so perfect. … The sound filled the room, very nice.”

“I think the conductor did a wonderful job, and it’s nice to see a woman conductor.”

“It [the coordination between the orchestra and the performers] was perfect. I thought that when they made all of their moves, it was so well timed with the orchestra, or the orchestra was very well timed with their moves. I don’t know which one it was, but it blended together very well.”

“He [the tenor] was really good. I didn’t know that that was going to be part of the show—he has a very powerful voice.”

“The audience was very receptive. I looked around sometimes during the performance, and every head was on the stage, and everybody was very transfixed and very receptive, and I could tell they were very appreciative during the performance.”

“[Shen Yun is] colourful, well-choreographed, and the dancing and the costumes are beautiful. The music is perfectly timed with the performance, you learn about some of the culture. I’m going to recommend this to my friends. I know they’re only here two more performances. We live on the island of Maui, so we came over for this. We had to fly over for the show.”