Professor Emeritus Enjoys Harmonious Music from Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

October 16, 2017

“I thought the performance was fantastic. I thought it was magnificent.”

“I think the violinist impressed me greatly. They all did, the singers, the soloists, the musicians. I enjoyed it all actually. But the one that stands out first and foremost, was the young woman who was the violinist.”

“I enjoy seeing the drummers, when they came in and so forth. It was beautiful.”

“This was absolutely beautiful music … It was very rhythmic, all the different sounds seem to blend in together to a harmonious entity or whole. It was kind of overwhelming at times. I loved it.” 


Barry D. Kass, professor emeritus of Anthropology and Sociology
Carnegie Hall, New York, United States
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
October 15, 2017