Professor Appreciates Shen Yun’s ‘Message of Peace and Tolerance’

January 13, 2018

“It’s amazing. I was so touched and sometimes hardly breathing, because it’s really, really amazing. I have had a very good time here.”

“[What impressed me most] was the message of peace, the message of tolerance, the message of beauty, and all the good things the world has to give when we appreciate the good things God has given us.”

“I found it very spiritual. The show showed something very spiritual, and I felt the presence of God.”

“The beauty of the show showed what we mankind can do, and what we can do with our bodies.”

“[I will tell my friends] I have seen a beautiful Chinese message about the presence of God, and how we can see God and beauty, and beautiful things in nature, and when we are together we can share with other people the beauty and everything that comes from God.”

“The Chinese culture is so sensitive, so delicate, and we can really feel that the Chinese are kind people. My people, the Brazilian people, are very, very kind, and I can imagine a world where everyone can be together and can share beautiful things together. That’s the message this show gave me.”