Professor Appreciates Artistry of Shen Yun

April 2, 2018

“I really enjoyed it, not just the artistic aspect of it, but also the social justice message that they brought in, particularly in the last couple of numbers. It was great.”

“I just enjoy the jubilance, and just the overall emotional tapestry they created for us. I’ve picked several different dancers throughout just to watch what they are doing and what they are experiencing. It’s been great.”

“[Watching it, I have felt] everything from joy to particularly the one social justice piece, … just the agony of what happened with everything in terms of being in prison, and losing love, and finding it again. It’s just a rich array of different emotions.”

“The multimedia at the back of the stage is added to the overall experience of it. And the timing on that is impeccable—I really enjoyed it.”

“Everything is complementary. The color, in particular, creates a particular mood. So even before we really know what’s happening in the story line, we already have the lead from what’s been done artistically. So it has been great.”

“I’d say in a few words so far it’s been transcendent, in a way that I haven’t seen in theatre in a long time. And I would recommend it to anyone that is wanting to take a couple of hours just to get out of their own busyness, their own life, and experience life from completely different viewpoint.”