Professor and Erhu Player Finds Music Inspiration in Shen Yun

March 5, 2017

“I am also an erhu player and I also have a band of my own. So, what’s different about this performance, from the artistic perspective, is that it combines many different elements. This is something that [our band] cannot do now, but I believe [Shen Yun] serves as an inspiration.” 


“Even though there is a symphony orchestra, I believe the style of the music centers is still mostly Chinese…Some important segments of the music are led by erhu and pipa, to highlight the feelings and realms that the music is trying to achieve. This is something I truly enjoy.” 


“Shen Yun has done something that is beyond what normal performances can possible achieve…Shen Yun brings together sound, music, dancing, performers, and digital artistry in perfect unison.” 


“Shen Yun is different from other shows because it is trying to share some ideas and views about life.” 

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