Professional Violinist Enjoys Shen Yun Orchestra’s ‘Live Vibrations’

April 28, 2018

“I’m a violinist, so I could really appreciate all the fine symphony orchestra players. … [I was thinking], ‘Yes, yes! A full orchestra rather than a track.'”

“I was very impressed by not only the orchestra and the players, but the erhu [soloist]. I’ve actually taught my music students about that instrument. I’m glad to see that it’s actually used for this.”

“You don’t want to lose the beginnings of stringed instruments, the history.”

“It is gorgeous to see [the dancers] have such expressiveness.”

“So many of the male dancers, are of course extremely strong and energetic yet graceful. [They’re] not just jumping but jumping with a lot of flair and style and hold time in the air. It’s just beautiful.”

“The other thing that I like, of course, is the precision. So many, 14 dancers on stage, at once. The awesome aspect of adding the [animated backdrop], where you have computer interaction with the dancers, that was unexpected.”

“[Another] plus to this that I was not expecting at all, is some of the humor that was put into the dancing. It’s not all serious stories. You get to enjoy the humor of it, not just the beauty, not just the athleticism, not just the grace, but there are humorous aspects that everybody can enjoy, from young to older.”

“I believe it’s orchestrated beautifully. The addition of the erhu is like an extra voice, and they have done a really good job with the sound technician, because [the instrument has] just a little bit of prominence so that you can hear it, like an extra voice. That’s what symphony orchestra is about: adding all the extra voices together.”

“Since I am a musician of course, it means a lot to me to hear [the music], and to have the live vibrations rather than just reinforced music through a track. So I really am enjoying the live music.”

“They’re very accurate, very accurate [coordination between the dancers and musicians]. I did notice that, because there are some, what we call ‘hits,’ where there’s an accent in the music, and the dancers are, what we also call ‘nailing it.'”

“[Reviving traditional Chinese culture] is important, and I’m hoping … a lot of the younger kids across the United States have been able to see … some of the values.”

“[The performance presents] an important aspect of showing some of the tragedies of the past of how people are treated, and that is shown through dance in a way that you realize, ‘Yes, this is something we always need to address. Our human nature can sometimes lead us astray.'”

“It’s very beautiful, it has the humor and the beauty and the live music, and I really appreciate being here.”

“This would be really really good to have dancers see it, or musicians see it.”