Professional Stage Designer: Shen Yun Is the Communication Bridge for Different Cultures

February 1, 2014 Updated: February 1, 2014

TOKYO—Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company’s third show in Tokyo was staged at the New National Theatre Playhouse near Shinjuku on Jan. 31. It attracted professionals of various communities and business circles.

After watching the performance, Mr. Goto, a stage design expert, said, “Shen Yun has been demonstrating its effect as a communication bridge among various cultures.”

Mr. Goto was aware of Shen Yun through a video clip on YouTube. “I was intrigued, and I bought the ticket immediately,” explained Mr. Goto.

Despite being a professional stage designer, Mr. Goto kept a low profile when he introduced himselfat an interview during the intermission; he said this was his first time to watch a performance of classical Chinese dancing. “I truly looked forward to the exquisite dancing.”

After seeing some of the performance, he could say, “I could also comprehend all of the connotation embedded in the dancing presentations.”

Illustrated by Shen Yun on the stage was the longevity and all-embracing evolution of divine Chinese culture.

Mr. Goto, a history lover who has read the Brief History of the Eighteen Dynasties, a book that records the rise and fall of the dynasties in Chinese history, he expressed how he was touched by Shen Yun: “In every dynasty, many noticeable and interesting events occurred. Through the dynasty changing in history, people’s lives and their culture also underwent continuous evolution. Although China is currently under a one-party dictatorship, it will change in the future. The change of dynasties is inevitable.”

He thought all people in East Asia should get along with each other peacefully. Although conflicts are heard of sporadically, resolving the frictions in a peaceful manner is most ideal. He saw hope for this to succeed in Shen Yun, saying “I think Shen Yun has served as the bridge for communicating between different cultures and nationalities, and it surely can convey the deepest connotation to the audience.”

Shen Yun Awakens the Long-forgetten Kindness and Affability

After seeing the show, Kimono expert Yuoko Ichie said, “Shen Yun awakens the kindness and affability of mankind forgotten in the modern society.”

Kimono expert Yuoko Ichie attended Shen Yun’s evening performance on January 31 in Tokyo. In the interview during intermission, she considered Ne Zha Churns the Sea the most memorable program of the first half. She recalled, “I was very impressed when the dragon leapt out of the ocean. This is my first time seeing actors on stage and the animated backdrop blend with such precision.”

Ichie also praised highly of the choreography and dancing skills. She said, “The female actors danced with piquancy and grandeur elegance, and the male dancers executed with extraordinary rhythmic acuity. It was impressive!”

Ichie says that the audience will benefit from watching Shen Yun, since its programs are based on authentic Chinese traditional culture. “Shen Yun awakens the kindness and affability of mankind forgotten in the modern society.”

As a master of kimonos, Yuoko Ichie is responsible for the entire manufacturing process from designing to dressing. In addition, the scrap fabric left from kimono-making are used to produce dolls. Meanwhile, she teaches and passes on her skills to pupils. As an active participant in the kimono industry, she also held a personal exhibition in USA last July.

Ichie dressed in a modest and dignified Kimono to attend the Shen Yun Performance. From the eye of a master tailor, she said: “Shen Yun costumes are extremely elegant and magnificent.”

Reporting by Zhang Benzhen and Leo Chen, Mu Congshi and Lauren Lane

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