Professional Musician: Shen Yun Depicts Heaven-Earth Connection

March 26, 2017

“I thought it was spectacular.”

“I like the background, the animations … the way they suddenly popped up onto the screen and then onto the stage.”

“[The music] really lent a lot of the color … It just lent that element of drama … it just took my breath away.”

“The [erhu] soloist, she was incredible.”

“The whole orchestra was very tight, very strong. [It was] just a wonderful, wonderful show. We want to go next year.”

“My daughters came with me. One of them was just learning ballet for the last year. She was almost brought to tears with their abilities to bend and move and their precision, so it was extra moving for her.” 

“It was beautiful the way they broke it up into small, short stories … It brought up memories from my childhood with the stories that have been passed along for generations. It’s sad that the Chinese culture in China and in part of Asia aren’t allowed to hear those stories anymore without fear of reprisal.”

“It’s a lot of little vignettes, stories that kind of express the belief system in ancient China all the way to modern times, [with] a lot of the longing for the culture to be preserved. But it is not given the chance in the old country because it’s been repressed right now. I think that is the big message.”

“Repression, communism still keep a lot of the artists from really be able to do what they used to do, bringing back a lot of the beautiful ancient stories, the connection between heaven and earth. It was very spiritual … good versus bad.” 

“I just recommend anyone else to see it when they get a chance. It’s beautiful.”