Professional Dancer: Shen Yun, ‘Visually it is an extravaganza!’

December 28, 2017

“As a dancer, I find this breathtaking I find these dancers are awe-inspiring, there are magical, they tell us a story that is so profound.”

“Visually it is an ‘extravaganza’ from a choreographer perspective.”

“It is very moving to me, the whole from the beginning to end tells an amazing story through dance.”

“About the meaning of Shen Yun [Divine beings dancing], I love that, because they are dancers who feel what they are trying to express and I thought what they want to express is interesting, so this is spectacular.” “To see their [dancers] ability to express their pain, but also their joy and also the history … of 5000 years. This amazing history and everything that they can tell us about their culture is outstanding.”

“[Spirituality and the divine in Shen Yun resonate in me] very much so—The ideas of eternity and heaven and this is not the only life we live, it is a beautiful message.”

“There are so many layers to this show. You can see it just for the visual, just for the dancing, just for the story, just for the culture or you can see it all wrapped together and be blown away, which I was.”

“I come to Shen Yun every year. If they are here, I’ll be here.”