Professional Dancer Amazed By Shen Yun

January 14, 2018

“It’s very beautiful, amazing. I’ve never watched something like that.”

“I feel it was really intense and emotional—[they had the dance] and the culture and the spirituality … I like it when something can bring more than dance.”

“It was so amazing. It was beautiful and very creative with the [animated backdrops], the colors.”

“There was something special in it, there was something special.”

“I dance ballet, contemporary. I’m professional so I do this as a job, and watching the Chinese dancers is really impressive for me. … Females, males, everybody was beautiful.”

“[The dancers] jumped high, they are really flexible, they are acrobatic, and synchronized with the music. … Congratulations [to the performers].”

“I wish all the best to the company, and thank them for coming to Montreal.”