Producer of Italy’s Oldest Film House: Shen Yun Is so Perfect

March 20, 2018

“Beautiful, wonderful. It gives you peace. … The beauty, how natural it feels, the colors, and what they do—the precision of the movements.”

“I did musicals, but this is more beautiful—better than what I did.”

“[The orchestra] is fabulous, it [the combination of Western and Chinese instruments] seems natural, but it is not simple; yet you feel it’s natural.”

“[The divine inspiration in the production] is the reason why the whole thing is so perfect.”

“It’s exciting. Somebody told me go to see this show because it is not only dance, and now I can say I agree.”

“[The performance has a] good impact [on the society]—a very good impact.”

“You can see that [the dancers] live with [high] values, you can see that they don’t recite but live what they represent, and that makes the performance exciting.”