Playwright Congratulates Shen Yun Orchestra’s Composers and Musicians

October 20, 2018

“It was a surprise; I didn’t expect such a beautiful combination of Western and Asian culture. Fascinating. It’s very visual music.”

“In a few years from now, it may happen that when you go to a classical concert, the program of the concert will include Asian music adapted for Western classical music, so this orchestra is probably visionary of what will come later.”

“The thing about this concert is that one minute we are in Asia, in the middle of China and one minute later in Vienna. Isn’t it brilliant? I think it is.”

“To be honest, [the orchestra’s interpretation of ‘Carmen Fantasy,’ Op. 25 by Pablo DeSarasate] it made me cry. They truly captivated the spirit of this Spanish composition, so it was very moving.”

“Some parts were very emotional and some others very spiritual, so a bit of passion and soul … heart and soul.”

It is not only the quality and beauty of this music, but also the capacity to balance your soul and body. Yet, by including some pieces of the classical music repertoire, they avoid that. Westerners we relax too much!”

“I think it helps you get in touch with the inside of yourself.”

“I would like to congratulate the composers, two of them are living composers, and it’s very, very good that this orchestra, such remarkable musicians—they’re performing new songs that we have the privilege to listen [to] while the artists are still alive. Congratulations.”