Pittsburgh Theatergoer Sees Boundless Compassion in Shen Yun

May 11, 2017

“I’m a meditative instructor, so this resonated with me and the fact that you brought perfect choreography, absolutely gorgeous costumes and a spiritual message, I thought was great.”

“The practice of compassion, and boundless compassion, resonates with everybody.”

“I have to say [I like] the one with the umbrellas, the one with the yellow flowers and the Tibetan drums.”

“The common theme is compassion, boundlessness, an enlightened being that was showing the way.”

“I thought it rivalled anything I’ve seen on Broadway and it brought out everybody in Pittsburgh. The show just shows how multicultural Pittsburgh is.”

“Oh my, live music was great. I mean we don’t get to see that much here anymore — the orchestra was fantastic, the combination of Chinese and Western classical instruments.”