Pianist Moved by Shen Yun’s Music: ‘Very Angelic’

February 22, 2018

“The colour, the variety in each of the vignettes, they’re so varied, and yet they still connect. It’s truly gorgeous. It’s truly phenomenal, the synchronization, the lovely voice of the woman [soprano] that sang, really beautiful—very moving.”

“The [soloist’s] voice was just moving. It was very angelic. It was gorgeous. … It’s lovely. I really, really like it.”

“When you read the [lyrics], it’s really very sad—sad for people in the world all over. I think what’s going on [in China] is terrible and awful and I think it’s wrong. That song just brought that out.”

“There shouldn’t be [persecution] like that in the world, and the words are talking about the oppression that’s going on there and how people can’t do what they want, … it’s just so wrong that people have to live this way.”

“The orchestra is so good, and the instruments that are in there like the pipa and erhu, … those are foreign sounds to what I’m used to, and it just all blends so very well together. But the orchestra is spot on.”