Pianist Moved and Inspired by Shen Yun Music and Dance

March 31, 2018

“The show was great. I enjoyed the orchestration and the dancing.”

“The dancing was top notch.”

“I really enjoyed the combination of the orchestra and the Chinese instruments. Also I enjoyed how they incorporated that with the special effects on the screen.”

“As a musician, I mainly listened to the music, and the arrangements were great.”

“It was very moving. A lot of emotion was portrayed through the music. The musicians did a great job.”

“The whole composition was unique. It was a unique experience. The combination of the dancing, the music and the screen, I haven’t seen anything like it.”

“I will definitely take what I saw tonight and incorporate it into my practice.”

“The combination of the dancing and the music was great. The timing, everything was right on. I’ve seen dancing and music combined before in different genres. I’ve never seen Chinese [dance] before. This is my first time, and I really enjoyed it.”

“There were certain instances in the performances that were very moving to me. One in particular was the one where the husband was separated from the wife. The performance was very good. It was very moving.”

“I enjoyed it, and I look forward to next year.”