Pianist and Theatrical Producer Says Shen Yun Caresses My Soul

April 14, 2017

“I was really impressed, really amazing, really moved, music, movement, the message, everything went through all over my body.”

“I think the orchestra is flabbergasting. … The orchestra is very soulful.”


“It’s so great to see the show with original unpublished, original music for the show itself. So without these five notes, but so original from each other at the same time, it was fantastic. It was like, to caress, to my soul, to be involved in this ancient Chinese atmosphere.”

“I found [the combination of East and West] pristine. Because I used to do that too. I find it pioneer. I find it unique. Beause I like the combination of the Western instruments, with harp, the piano, or the bass, along with the traditional ethnic instruments. It’s something I particular do when I write my music for the shows. I love ethnic music. I think it’s an asset to what Shen Yun does.”