Physician Finds Her Experience at Shen Yun Entertaining and Captivating

March 11, 2018

“I loved all the colors that were present in the backdrops [digital backdrop] as well as the outfits.”

“I loved it. We’re very spiritual. So I was happy to see that [spirituality] was incorporated into the show.”

“I loved how the lady [erhu soloist] came up. And she played a song with the pianist, that was beautiful. I never heard that instrument before. … So that was really neat.”

“I’m happy that they put the lyrics on the screen so that we could read what was being sung in the Chinese language. And they were beautiful. And I like the connection to nature, and to God that were evident through the lyrics. I thought that was beautiful.”

“It’s different from any show we’ve ever seen before. We’ve been to quite a few shows, but we’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s very unique, entertaining the entire time. It was captivating, and really held our interest the entire time.”