Photography Professor Says Shen Yun Dancers ‘Defy the Laws of Gravity’

February 3, 2018

“I loved the [digital] stage screen. I’ve never seen it done quite like that before. That was very clever. It was so clever that I kept thinking, let’s use that more…it was very, very well done, and the transitions, which obviously took some real skill on the part of the dancers, to come bouncing back up and forth on the stage. It was amazing!”

“I was amazed with the dancing…at the body strength, defying the laws of gravity. That’s pretty amazing!”

“I kept being fascinated because of the moves, to hear they talked about the relationship with gymnastics and [ancient Chinese] dance…and the direct connection with some of the martial arts moves”

“I thought it [ancient Chinese culture] was very positive.”

“I thought the color palettes worked really well. They were bright, and they went together … they were nicely done.”