Photographer: Shen Yun Is ‘One To Be Seen At Least Once’

January 8, 2018

“That was fantastic, very, very good. Very entertaining. It opens our eyes about a lot of things you might not have known as far as what is going on. It is just a reminder that what some of us take for granted is not the same all over the world, as far as your freedom goes, the way express you can express yourself. A lot of times we forget that what is normal to us is not normal to everybody. So it’s very interesting.”

“It’s very interesting story because everyone has their own beliefs, as far as heaven, their own type of gods. To me, as long as you believe in some type of savior, if you don’t have somebody to look up to, that’s what keeps you in touch, keeps you grounded and a good person.”

“The part where they were saying that for minor little things that we take advantage of here, you can be imprisoned for or even killed in other countries. That means a lot. It opens people’s eyes.”

“It’s the mixture of the live performance with the animation, the way they put it all together, that was really, really good. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“The orchestra was fantastic. The soprano, the tenor, the pianist—they were all good.”

“It’s an uplifting feeling. And then at times … it brings you down to earth and you feel a little sad for things that do happen in this world. But it’s uplifting.”

“It’s a fantastic show. It’s one to be seen at least once.”