Peter Kemp Says Shen Yun ‘A phenomenal night of entertainment’

March 26, 2017

“Absolutely amazing, the use of the way the players and the film merge together, something I haven’t seen before.”

“As a retired ballet dancer I have a lot more appreciation of the dancing that most people would. A phenomenal night of entertainment!”

“It’s amazing really, the timing and the lines. Impeccable! I just couldn’t fault it. And then the tumbling and acrobatics which has come from China’s classical dancing, I thought how can they possibly do that.”

“It was a pleasure to watch. The Western and Eastern instruments just merged in beautifully.”

“I recommend anyone to come and see it [Shen Yun] who can, but it’s just really the essence of five thousand years of Chinese culture. Anyone who’s a dancer, anyone who just enjoys theatre, anyone who just enjoys a good night out, come and see it. Don’t miss it [Shen Yun]. I am certainly coming back.”