Percussionist: The Music Makes Shen Yun

January 13, 2018

“Spectacular music, very, very interesting music. Nice blend of Eastern and Western styles, the instrumentation was refreshing in … the mixture of the various instruments, some of which the Western ears not used to hearing. Especially in a context of a symphonic orchestra was very nice combination, very interesting, I thought.”

“The dance was spectacular; the staging was very nice; the costumes were regal, and the music I think, personally, makes it.”

“There is a lot of spirituality in the show. … I have some awareness of the recent history of persecution within China of Falun Gong members, I’ve heard about that, and that aspect of it was quite upsetting. I think religious repression in all of its forms is quite upsetting.”

“I’s very uplifting. … I mean the performers were very pleasant, very smiling. They look very happy; they look very upbeat, very energetic. And they give the audience a feeling of that, a feeling of wellbeing. Also … the movements are so fluent. And the gowns and the costumes also flow in a special way. I think that is something that is passed on to the audience. The audience actually feels part of that. In fact, I picture myself being able to do… I know I can’t but … it puts you in that mindset. It was great.”