People Who See Shen Yun Will Be Changed Forever, Theatergoer Says

March 25, 2018

“I thought it was phenomenal. … The costumes were gorgeous. You could tell that they were all handmade because they were just unbelievably colorful. The colorful sparkles and everything were amazing. … But the thing I liked the most was the symmetry of all the performers [who] were in such unison.”

“I think [the performance] was something that you have to see in person to really experience the movement, the feeling, and the visual effects.”

“The way [the artists] express their culture … The way they touched my heart—what brought me to tears and still does now—was the [soprano’s song].”

“You can tell that a lot of work and heart goes into the performers [by their] faces. You can see the love shines through their smiles and their eyes. They’re not just out there performing because they have another show to do. They’re really trying to give a message to the audience.”

“I hope that [Shen Yun] touches a lot of people the way it touched me. I think a lot of society is closed off to that spiritual lifting, but I think that if people came to see this they would be changed forever.”