Pastor Inspired by Shen Yun’s Costuming and Dance Movements

March 10, 2018

“I love the instruments, … the erhu—that was incredible. I love the dancing. Especially being ballet-trained, so I felt really united with it.”

“The background [digital backdrop], and the incorporation of the characters coming from the background and becoming live was incredible, that was really wonderful. … That whole dimensionality adds something magical to it.”

“I sense the meditative part and the hand positions. And I felt very relaxed through it. So it had that kind of quality.”

“The color and the costuming, that was just phenomenal. It’s fantastic.”

“We’re doing choreography for Easter at my church, my youth group, my confirmation class. So I was inspired by the costuming and the movements and other things as well. I’m taking it back to my church.”