Pastor Finds Peace and Feels Lifted Up by Shen Yun

March 9, 2018

“The precision, and the intensity, and the passion are impressive.”

“You’re lifted up when you watch all the emotion, all the color, and all of the movement. It’s wonderful.”

“I found a lot of peace, watching the flowing colors. I loved the [‘Han Dynasty Sleeves’]. The sleeves were just delightful.”

“All of the smooth flow, the transitions, are just gorgeous. You flow with each of the dancers.”

“I liked the last part of [‘The Divine Renaissance Begins’] where they demonstrate the higher power belief, and how it will sustain us. It fits, regardless of what you call the higher power. It’s there, and they demonstrated it well.”

“They blended the audio-visual with the live movement so well. The focus was wonderful, bringing all of the facets together. To me the culmination with the higher power, the whole show built to it.”

“[The opening scene] was really, really beautiful. The theatrics are great. The theatrics are gorgeous, but the whole thing blends into a very nice story. Because each of these little acts that they did brings another focus on to the essence of culture, of history, of mankind, and then the ultimate demonstration of the higher power.”

“[It’s] a reminder that this is what’s going to happen for all of us, if we’re willing to open ourselves to emotion and to passion, and to movement and to grace.”

“It was a great show. I loved it.”