Painter Enjoys a Holistic Experience At Shen Yun

December 23, 2017

“I was so inspired by Shen Yun with the texture, the fabrics, the colors, and the movements. Every aspect of the performance just touched my heart and inspired my being.”

“I really felt the divinity and unification of oneness, and transcendence of pain and the enlightenment of connecting to the greater purpose and passion of what we are meant here to experience.”

“The beauty, it is indescribable. You can feel it with your eyes closed … And yet when your eyes are opened, you are just entranced into wanting to dance along.”

“The voice without even understanding the language, you can feel the message. You understood what was being expressed.”

“So every aspect of the performance from the movement of dance, to the colors, to the songs, to the instruments, just really brought the whole spirit into oneness. It was a holistic experience.”