Painter and Sculptor Loves Shen Yun’s Juxtaposition of Colors

May 1, 2017

“I love the juxtaposition of the colors. The movement and the flow was really cool to see—how everyone interacted with each other.”

“The Mongolian bowl dance with the blue and the white—those costumes were outstanding. And all the color! There’s just like a rainbow of colors reflecting off the things in those costumes. That was really, really nice.”

“The colors themselves were so vibrant. I love the way on some of the dresses, the color faded perfectly from white to vivid pink or yellow. The use of color was so nice because in the yellow flower dance [‘Yellow Blossoms’], they would hold the fans and create different shapes with just the fans. It was really easy to focus on the yellow, and that would let you see different things [than] if you were just watching the dancers.”

“I was glad that this could be seen outside and around the world to let people know more about Chinese culture and heritage.”

“There is such a rich and long heritage and tradition of things … that all cultures share.”