Orchestra Director Says Shen Yun Is The Benchmark For All Music

February 13, 2017

”Today’s performance shook my heart. This combination of Western and Eastern instruments was very, very extraordinary. Music is a universal language and Shen Yun is the benchmark for what is considered good music.”


“A while back when I took my orchestra for an international exchange, I tried to combine traditional Korean music instruments gayageum and haegeum with Western instruments. But it was very difficult. But I didn’t truly understand its difficulty and high-level requirement until I saw Shen Yun today.”


“What I learn today from Shen Yun is several times more than what I had learned before. Honestly, I really want to follow Shen Yun and learn from it.”


“I want to give my most sincere kudos to the artistic director and the performers. Today, I will go home happy with wonderful memories.”