Ophthalmologist Says Shen Yun Feeds the Soul

April 22, 2017

“It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s fabulous. It took me out of this world. It’s very, very different, very enlightening, and refreshing.”

“What was stunning is the one with the fans, and the spring one and the one where the lady was taken by the dragon. It’s very touching.”

“[The costumes are] very colourful, they are a feast for the eyes. They’re really wonderful to see. It’s exhilarating to watch the show, you come out of it really feeling good.”

“It’s the spirit of the dance, it’s the divine spirit, it’s the beauty of the dance. It transports people, it feeds the soul, this dance and music, it makes people come alive, and transports us to a different world. It actually lifts us up and makes us feel that there is peace and there is tranquillity on earth, so we forget about all the troubles that are happening around us.”