Opera Guild President Finds Life Lessons in ‘Very Moving’ Shen Yun

January 23, 2017

“I think most of us sense that there is something beyond our natural world that we perceive with the five senses. Whether that takes the form of a particular religion or spirituality of one sort or another, this show illustrates how important that is in all of the things you do—dancing, singing, acting, the affairs of everyday life—it’s there.”


“We do get emotionally involved in [the performance]. Neither of us is Chinese, but it’s a very moving show. So pleased that we came.”


“I just absolutely love everything that is going on onstage. The men and the women are very equal in the dancing: the women do the very elegant, very beautiful movements, and the men do incredible feats of strength and agility… I am very, very impressed with this.”


“I have a tremendous admiration for Chinese culture. … I think that Chinese have a great deal to teach us about many things. We see that there is a civilization much older than ours—it teaches us a lot.”