Ontario Mayor: ‘You Couldn’t Ask For a Better Performance’ Than Shen Yun

April 29, 2017

“It’s spectacular. I [don’t] even have words for it. I was thinking while I was watching, ‘How can I describe this?’ … These dancers, they’re just so perfect in everything that they do.” 

“It’s just so wonderful watching all of this and taking it all in. I think that cultural shows like this broaden my horizon. I’m wiser about the world watching this, and I just cannot say enough about everything that I’m seeing.”

“These dancers are athletes. The flips that they’re doing, the movements that they’re doing, all of these things in perfect unison, you couldn’t ask for a better performance anywhere in the world.”

“I’m loving the music. The backdrop is incredible … The music is just spectacular. Well done. Well done.”

“Absolutely [I see a spiritual element]. First off, I’m a pastor of a church when I’m not mayor of the city. I love to see spiritual things.”

“All I can tell you is that if I had to choose a show that I would bring everybody I know to, this is it.”