Olympic Gold Medalist: ‘I loved everything about’ Shen Yun

April 16, 2017

“It was cool. I think it’s very insightful to the Chinese culture, when it comes to psychological, philosophical beliefs, history, tradition, life, politics … colorful. The movement from body to soul to spirit, everything.” 

“One thing I didn’t know is that all the flips, the back turns came from the Chinese culture. It’s not from the sport of gymnastics. That shows how the Chinese culture is so ancient, so artistic, and so in tune with their bodies.”

“Every [dance piece] the women and the men were dressed differently, and it matched every theme.” 

“I really like the [solo] singers. The message was strong, very deep, very empowering, and the voice was just as deep as empowering.” 

“There are a lot of different instruments and different sounds that we are not used to here [in the orchestra]. So it made us travel a little bit in China to the history of China through sound.”

“They touched upon the afterlife, the lotus, how beautiful the women look out there, and colorful. The backdrop is always mesmerizing. There is a lot of water, a lot of green, a lot of sky, all these elevated environments.”